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Headlight Assembly Replacement

A (UV) coating is applied to your factory Auto Acrylic/Polycarbonate headlight lenses to help protect headlight and taillight lenses from the elements as well as the sun's harmful (UV) rays.

Most manufacturers guarantee up to 5 years of longevity; and the U.S. government only require auto manufacturers headlight lenses to last 3 years before becoming clouded or foggy.

Our government also has laws in place that prohibit the placement or adhering of any product or film that will diminish or distort the required distance that your headlight beams should reach.

In time, this UV coating develops a layer of so-called oxidation over the surface, a combination of road grime and other air-borne contaminants is what the oxidation is made up from and is cooked onto the lenses from the heat of the lights.